The Company

  • 15locations in France
  • 2 locations in Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich)
  • 2locations in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)
  • 1 location in England (London)
  • 3locations in Benelex (Brussels, Liège and Luxembourg)
  • 770people dedicated to customer service
  • 220vehicles dedicated to logistics
  • 300events a day across Europe
  • 2800products in the catalogue
  • 33 millionitems hired out every year

Our three specialities are :


A vast range of 2,800 different products for hire, covering tableware (crockery, cutlery, glasses, and decorative items), furniture (tables,chairs, etc.), catering and support equipment


A service dedicated to design and decoration for events.


Sell of decorative accessories for your events, available online and in our catalogue.

High standards, Respect and Commitment

The company’s philosophy is founded upon the following principles: High standards, Respect and Commitment

- High standards: Maintaining high standards results in a high level of quality, from which customer and personal satisfaction will be achieved.
- Respect : Mutual respect of colleagues and work equipment helps create a healthy work environment.
- Commitment : Commitment is the key to success and personal fulfilment.

With more than 30 years of experience, OPTIONS handles small and large projects with the same high quality of service and professionalism. Our offer is directed towards individuals, companies, organisations, associations, catering professionals and event management agencies. For a function of two or several thousand people. For hiring a sophisticated table setting, bespoke furniture or quality kitchen equipment - you will find everything you need at Options.