Barbecues, ideal for al fresco dining

Barbecue hire


A sign of conviviality, barbecues are by far the best way to enjoy a meal outdoors. The must have for al fresco dining.
Good quality equipment is the key to guarantee a successful barbecue and entertain your guests in a warm and convivial manner.
Options hire equipment and accessories for barbecues that are practical and of excellent quality.

Rent all the equipment you need for your events in 3 steps!

1Select your tableware, furniture
and decoration online.
2Choose the quantity
you need.
3Confirm your order :
a sales representative will send you a quote within 24h.

Entertain around a barbecue

Fine weather incites you to organise events outdoors, where everyone is free to enjoy the warmth and fresh air.
If you are planning a family get together, a lunch between friends, or a birthday celebration in your garden, the barbecue is the best way to please everyone.
This choice is also well received at professional events, for example, a team building event like barbecues instigate socialising in a relaxed manner.
So, equipping your self correctly for the event will ensure that every thing runs smoothly.
That’s why Options has chosen a selection of high quality barbecue accessories to fulfil your needs.
Now it is just down to you to fix the date for your event.

A large selection of products for you

You will need to create a menu, as well as a guest list to enable you to choose the best equipment for your event. It is indispensable to select one or more barbecues that integrate easily into your choice of venue.
Some accessories you cannot go without, like barbecue tongs to turn food on the grill. If you were planning on having people to help at the barbeque, a folding buffet table with a canape would be ideal.

Options have a selection of barbecues available to hire. Electric models are easy to turn on and simple to use. They are polyvalent. Gas barbecues are equally practical and fashionable. Whatever you choose, quality products at Options are a certainty.

Options, a partner for your event

Renting a barbecue from our range is a wise choice over buying one. Economical, you will control your expenses and you won’t clutter-up your home or garage with large pieces of equipment you will rarely use. .
By choosing to hire a barbecue from Options, you are guaranteed to benefit from high quality equipment, available, with advantageous conditions. Easy to install and use, the products that are in our catalogue are delivered to you at your request.
Our team organises a timeframe that suits your schedule. We will do everything possible, so that your event in the evening or daytime will be successful, you can count on us.

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