Candelabras for your events and receptions


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As night falls, use light as a focal point at your reception. Create a warm, elegant and refined atmosphere that will enhance the ambiance of the tables while complimenting the decor with our range of candelabras available to hire.
From the traditional candelabras of years gone by to the modern candelabras of today, they have found their former appeal and come in a multitude of styles and add a decorative finish to your decoration.

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Create a warm glow for your events with our candelabras

At any event, light plays a key role in creating a cosy and warm atmosphere and enhancing the venue. The use of candelabras creates a unique and enchanting atmosphere, reminiscent of dining in stately homes where guests enjoyed opulent candlelit dinners. No electric lighting can emulate the special glow of the twirling flames dancing in the air. The smell of warm wax melting, and guest’s faces gleaming from the glimmer of the candles will bring an intimate atmosphere to your dinners. Sitting in the centre of each table or on your buffet tables, windowsills or fireplaces, the candelabras will bathe the area in a magical and gentle light.

Instil a dash of romance into your decor

The candelabras by themselves conjure up the atmosphere of fairy tales or royal receptions. They emanate a unique and timeless charm that brings a romantic feel to your events. Particularly popular for gala evenings, weddings or baptisms they are elegant and stylish and will complement your decor. You will have plenty to choose from: from Baroque candelabras with their white or black glass fringes, for a chic and spectacular effect, to simple candelabras with their refined shape for a contemporary design, from vintage candelabras subtly aged for a chic bohemian style, to traditional silver candelabras for a classic and elegant evening. Whether they are white, black, gold or silver, do not hesitate to combine them with your centrepieces, silver tableware, napkin rings or candle holders that you can find in our large range of tableware accessories. To add a personal touch, decorate around the base of the candelabras with accessories matching your chosen theme or with sumptuous floral decorations.

Decorative table accessories by Options

As a specialist in decorative table accessories for many years, Options designs and decorates your events and receptions with its wide range of table and buffet table accessories. Committed to always offering you the best, you have the opportunity to hire unique accessories, combining style, originality and authenticity. Our consultants are dedicated to designing your tables to make your event a magical and unforgettable experience.