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An important feature of table decoration, indoors as well as outdoors, candle holders are an indispensable accessory for buffet tables and table settings. They will brighten up any occasion with their subtle soft lighting,
enhance the ambience of a room and complement the decor thanks to the variety of styles, shapes and colours available. Baroque, modern, refined, designer, textured or coloured, you will be spoilt for choice with our range
to find the models that will light up your reception tables.

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A myriad of shapes and styles

At nightfall, nothing could be more enchanting than the flickering and subtle glow of candles to light up tables, rooms and terraces in stunning candle holders. Heightening the glow of the flame by forming a delicate halo of light, candle holders enable you to use shades of colour, shapes, textures and materials to create a variety of lighting effects. Made of glass, natural or coloured, metal or wood, in the shape of a glass, on feet, suspended, opaque or transparent, candle holders offer numerous ways of creating the desired glow and ambience you desire, blending harmoniously with your chosen table decoration. Baroque, refined, rustic, or designer, they always bring a romantic, mysterious feel to your table settings. Sturdier than candelabras and enabling you to have a clear view of your guests, they will distil a unique and inimitable glow throughout the evening while adding elegance and sophistication to the decor.

Create a unique ambience with light

To create a unique ambience during the event, it is important to pay particular attention to the lighting. Whether it's traditional lighting or a touch of daylight, it all boils down to a careful balance and a subtle look. Always avoid direct and harsh lighting by using several indirect lighting sources to create an enchanting and warm glow. Use different formats and colours of candles and candle holders to vary the shades and intensity of light omitted. Arrange the candle holders at varying heights and in a random manner to create a harmonious atmosphere, without being monotonous. With candlelight, you can create a soft, mellow and cosy atmosphere, full of charm and mystery for both reception and dining rooms as well as terraces.

Options lights up your events

Aware of the importance of lighting at your receptions and particularly on tables, Options has a wide range of products to ensure that lighting and decoration become one. Whether you are looking for candlesticks, candle holders, lanterns or candelabras, you will be spoilt for choice to light up your stunning tables and buffet tables with style and originality. Creating a romantic and warm setting has never been easier thanks to our impressive collection, which is as varied as it is inspiring.

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