Catering kitchens

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Organising a meal for a large number of guests requires specific equipment adapted to your needs,
the rental of a professional kitchen remains the best solution to help facilitate the organisation of the event and you will benefit from reliable, functional and high quality equipment.
It also avoids investing in expensive professional equipment that is difficult to store.

Rent in only 3 steps:

Step 1Select your tableware,
furniture and decoration online.
Step 2Choose the quantity
you need.
Step 3Confirm your order: an adviser
will draw up a quote within 24h.

Create a real catering kitchen

Domestic kitchen equipment is not suitable to use in a professional kitchen and does not meet requirements. If you are organizing an event at home or on your premises, you may be quickly overwhelmed in the planning and storage of the food for a large number of guests. If you have chosen to rent a venue for your event, it may not be equipped for the occasion that is why Options helps you to create a kitchen area by equipping you with professional equipment.

Hygiene, storage, refrigeration, preparation, cooking and installation

A professional kitchen is separated into different areas, in order to optimise the organisation: the preparation area, the cooking area and the food storage and refrigeration area.

For food preparation and cooking, we can provide you with sinks, utility tables, slicers and any other kitchen equipment that will enable you to make and present your meal. A wide range of combi steamers or electric ovens, hotplates, ovens, plate warmers, fryers and rotisseries are available. In terms of storage, space saving is the key to optimal organisation; you can count on our catering trolleys to store your dishes. Regarding refrigeration we can provide isothermal containers, refrigerators, freezers, chest fridges and chiller units that suit all plate sizes. Don’t forget dustbins and bin-bags and the all important transportation of your equipment.

Quality equipment and professional advice for your events

When it comes to kitchen equipment, nothing should be left to chance. To make sure you are equipped as true professionals for your events, you can count on the expert advice of our consultants. We can meet your needs concerning the organisation of the kitchen area and budget. Choosing Options means you will benefit from high quality equipment and a personalised service.

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