Hire a chocolate fountain for your events

chocolate fountain

® Scénographer : Andréa Rocagel - Photographer : Alexis Boullay

Who hasn't been tempted by the rich chocolate of a chocolate fountain?
Impress your guests with a spectacular chocolate cascade of melted chocolate. Entertaining and aesthetic as well as tasty, it is the finishing touch to your dessert bar in an original and lavish way.
After all, isn't succumbing to the pleasure of eating chocolate the sweetest of sins?

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Become a chocolatier for an evening

A scandalous finger licking experience, a true celebration of gourmet delicacies, the chocolate fountain is sure to leave a lasting impression in the minds and taste buds of your guests. With its three or five chocolate cascades create a spectacular effect; transform your dessert bar into a real little chocolate shop! Perfect for your cocktail parties or birthday parties, it is a sure bet that very few guests will be disappointed with such a display. The guests will be tempted at the first glimpse of the chocolate fountain. Step into the shoes of Willy Wonka for a day and get ready to receive a cascade of compliments...

What are the best accompaniments for your chocolate fountain?

It is up to you to choose the most gourmet and daring combinations to complement your chocolate fountain. You could make small skewers for your guests to dip into the chocolate, generously coating them: red or exotic fruit skewers for a tangy taste, marshmallow skewers and other sweets for those with a sweet tooth, or trendy pop cakes and other small choux pastries for a more elaborate dessert.

Indulge a little, let your mood and imagination speak for itself, present your guests with a variety of tastes, why not offer a mixture of both crunchy and melt in your mouth textures. Vary the taste; offer two different fountains as Options has two types of chocolate, dark and milk. Alternate between the different flavours of the chocolates and cater to all your guests’ palates.

Innovative new ideas by Options for your events

Always looking for new and original ideas for your parties and events, Options is constantly enriching its entertainment solutions in order to accommodate your needs. Stimulating your imagination and pleasing your guests is our first priority and goal. The quality of our equipment and our personalised service allows you to convey your wishes to our teams with confidence, thus making your event a unique and unforgettable occasion for you and your guests.

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