Cup and saucer hire

Cup and saucer hire

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Tea and coffee breaks are an integral part of our day-to-day lives and an absolute must at events and receptions. At the beginning of the day for breakfast, at the end of a meal or whenever the need takes you,
choosing good quality tableware will ensure that guests fully enjoy the experience. Our matching cups and saucers , will allow you to offer your guests a moment of pure delight and can be
complemented with verrines, bowls and cups  dedicated to your gourmet delicacies.

Rent in only 3 steps:

Step 1Select your tableware,
furniture and decoration online.
Step 2Choose the quantity
you need.
Step 3Confirm your order: an adviser
will draw up a quote within 24h.

Tea or coffee

Soothing, invigorating, stimulating and comforting, tea and coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, even if it is customary to serve them during breakfast, at the end of lunch or dinner. While the choice of tea and coffee is very important, the choice of cup is equally important. Good quality cups and teacups will always enhance the taste of hot beverages. It is then up to you to select the best coffees, teas, green teas, and infusions to ensure you have a large selection for your guests. With its unchanging ritual, and the care given to making them, teas and coffees will always have their place no matter what the occasion.

Between customs and traditions

If we follow traditions to the letter, a tea or coffee cup cannot be without its matching saucer. Ideal for holding small spoons and sugar lumps or serving hot drinks with a sweet delicacy, saucers enhance the cup and elegantly prevent stains or spillages. Essential when it comes to tea drinking, the saucer cannot be exempt from the British tradition where at teatime, the right hand carries the cup, while the left holds the saucer. Although coffee is more popular in the United Kingdom today, saucers and cups are still a must at events and receptions.

Experts in tableware

In the name of tableware traditions, Options has developed this specialty to offer you the most beautiful tableware and the finest accessories for your events. According to traditions and customs, as well as the latest trends, our extraordinary range of cups and saucers will allow you to offer your guests beautiful well-matched tableware, ensuring your guests will have an enjoyable and sociable time. From modern and refined shapes in glass or white stoneware, to more classic shapes in fine porcelain delicately decorated or gilded, our cups and saucers will release the flavours of the hot beverages while elegantly decorating the most exquisite table settings.

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