Customised buffets

The app below allows you to freely customise your buffet in accordance with your preferences. Choose first the finish you would like to have on the front plate and on the sides, then the finish on the display surface and, eventually, on the canopy. In order to improve their mobility, our buffets can be fitted with a wheeled base frame. In that case, please tick the appropriate box in the “options” section.
After reviewing the design of your buffet, you can add it to your shopping cart to receive a price quotation at the earliest possible time.

Description of different materials:
- Chintz-style fabric: Made up of 80% polyester and 20% fibranne - Slightly glossy appearance
- Cotton: 100% cotton - Fireproof - Matt appearance
- Glossy foil: 100% PVC - Fireproof - Matt or glossy appearance - Washable

Choose first the front plate and the sides of the buffet,
and then the top and, eventually, the canopy.

Options :

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