Commercial - Help & FAQ

  1. Can I get advice from one of your designers / sylists?
    Certainly, but this would need one of our sales team to meet with you first.
  2. I'm holding an event this evening. Is it too late to order?
    Not necessarily but don't delay any further. Call us straight away and we will see what we can do.
  3. How much notice do you need before an event?
    The more time the better, mainly to ensure that your products are reserved. Last minute orders, however, are still possible.
  4. Can one of your sales team meet me at the event location?
    Sure, we are more than happy to help you with your event. Get in touch with one of our sales advisors.
  5. Can we place an order in your Boutique or showrooms?
  6. What are the minimum and maximum hire periods?
    There are none. Our sales team will discuss your needs with you and recommend the optimum hire period.
  7. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
    Check out our terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page.
  8. How long before I get a quote?
    At most within 48 hours, but on weekdays we aim to quote you within 2 hours.
  9. Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Yes. The deposit is refundable if all items are returned in good order. Your sales advisor will explain the details.
  10. When do I have to pay?
    Your hire fee and depost need to be paid before the event and at the time of booking. Once everything is returned safely we will refund your deposit.
  11. On average what does it cost to hire your equipment per head?
    It all depends on the range you select, and there are too many to calculate a useful figure.
  12. Does an enquiry commit me in any way?
    Certainly not. There are three stages of hiring equipment from us: The quotation: We will give you pricing and anticipated availability but make no guarantee on that availability. Reservation: Upon request, you can agree with our sales advisors to reserve you stock for an agreed period while you finalise your order. ... Read more
  13. What happens if break or lose an item?
    Once we have checked and counted all your items, you will be invoiced for the replacement costs of lost, damaged or broken items.
  14. What is the minimum period between confirming an order and delivery?
    We would advise you give us as much notice as possible. We are always flexible so discuss your needs with our sales advisors.
  15. What does the decoration service cost?
    Each event is costed individually.
  16. Can we buy some of your products?
    We suggest you contact one of our sales advisors.
  17. Can we change the number of covers at the last minute?
    You can modify your order up to 48 hours before the event although we would advise you to finalise numbers as soon as possible and book your event with our sales team.
  18. How can I find a sales advisor?
    Go to our Contact Us page.