Deliveries and collections - Help & FAQ

  1. Do you deliver?
    Yes, or you can collect from our depots.
  2. What do you charge?
    The transport charge is calculated on the distance, timing, volume and weight of the delivery and collection.
  3. Who dresses the tables?
    That's your department. We will deliver the hire equipment to where you specify and leave you to it. Nevertheless, we are happy to cover with you any aspect of your event.
  4. Do you collect the equipment or do I need to bring it back?
    As with the delivery, you can either arrange this yourself or we can collect.
  5. Do you deliver overseas?
    Sure. We have outlets in France, Switzerland and Spain. We also deliver to other countries on request.
  6. Can I specify the delivery and collection times?
    Certainly. We will help you select the most appropriate delivery windows and charges.
  7. Can I collect?
    Yes. Specify this when you send us your enquiry.
  8. Can you make staged deliveries?
    Sure, but it will work out cheaper for you if you take everything in one go.
  9. When do you deliver? How much time before the event?
    We deliver on the day and on the hour you specify.
  10. Do you deliver everywhere in the UK?
    Yes. You will get the same service wherever your event.
  11. Do we need to clean and arrange the products before returning them?
    We do the washing up! However, our products need to be sorted correctly back into the containers they were delivered in. Place glasses facing upwards into the correct crates (make sure they don't protrude over the top or they will break) a label on each crate will tell you which glasses ... Read more