Options - Help & FAQ

  1. When did you start working in the events industry?
    Options was founded in 1981.
  2. Are there any Options shops?
    Yes, there is an Options Boutique in the centre of Paris and each depot has a showroom.
  3. What kind of events do you get involved in?
    Our range of activities is vast. From a private party to a grand international event, a dinner for two or a conference for several thousand covers.
  4. Are your products more traditional or modern?
    Both! We work with all sorts of clients with all sorts of styles. To get an idea check out our table designs on this website.
  5. What is the difference between table design, l'Art de la Table and decoration?
    Table design (l'Art de la Table being the French term) is focussed on what is on and around the table, whereas decoration for us is to do with the transformation of the room the vent is in
  6. How many events do you supply each year?
    Several thousand. We average about 400 deliveries a day.
  7. Is it possible to see your products before we commit?
    Sure, you are always welcome at our Boutique or any of our showrooms.