Products and services - Help & FAQ

  1. Are you planning on introducing new products?
    Yes, we introduce new products all year round. We suggest you check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter.
  2. Can I see a photograph of the table design with products I have selected?
    With pleasure. Let us now what you need and we will send you an image by email.
  3. I don't know what I want for my event. Can you help?
    Sure. Our sales team are trained in advising you.
  4. Can you put graphics on plates?
    Yes, we can apply your initials, a company logo etc.
  5. Do you provide a napkin folding service?
    No, you can be inspired, however, by some of the napkin designs in our photos on the website.
  6. Tha candle holders, candles and vases on your tables. Are they for hire too?
    Most of what you see can be hired or purchased from us.
  7. Can we swap one of the products in your table designs?
    Most of our products belongs to our brochure are disposable for hire.
  8. Can I change a product in designs?
    Of course. None of our designs are fixed. You can change your products as easily as the number of covers.
  9. Can we commission just your decorations service?
    Certainly, there is no obligation to combine any of our services.
  10. Can you help me visualise my project?
    Yes. With photos of your table designs, 2D or 3D plans of your venue and layout and even a solid model of the event if necessary.
  11. Can you advise me on the organisation of my event?
    Certainy, but this would need one of our sales team to meet with you first.
  12. Can you liaise directly with my caterer to agree the list of hire products?
    Certainly, but this would need one of our sales team to meet with you first.
  13. Can I have a different design or theme from those on your website?
    Absolutely. Our sales advisors will help you with your selection.
  14. What shapes are your tablecloths?
    Our tablecloths are either square or rectangular. Sizes range from 120x120cm to 280x1200xm. However, our in-house tailors can help you with your specific requirements.