Food truck decor hiring for your events

food truck

®  Photographer : Tanguy de Montesson / Agence Oblique

Would you like a food truck for your culinary events, indoors or outdoors, without imposing the technical constraints of hiring a real truck ?
? Use our replica of a food truck. Its retro design is based on a well-known French van from the 1950s, its theatrical style and its customised equipment will offer you the perfect illusion to entertain and impress your guests. It will blow them away.

The Street Food trend

For several years now, street food has been on the increase and is becoming more and more popular. It has brushed off old traditions, has inspired the world's greatest chefs and continues to reinvent our culinary habits. Tasty, original, without boundaries, bold and uncomplicated, it is in high demand for events, dinners, cocktail parties and soirées. Perfect for your cocktail parties and corporate functions, street food brings a contemporary and offbeat touch to your events. If the simple sight of a street food truck is enough to make you hungry, our food truck will allow you to have the best finger licking burgers, bite sized appetisers, and other delicious delicacies made right in front of your guests. This will bring an ultra modern and innovative flair to your gourmet events !

An original design

With its theatrical design, it is ideal for entertaining your guests; our original vintage food truck décor has all the features you could possibly require for your gourmet events. A spacious work surface will give you plenty of room to set up and create your appetisers and finger food. A shelf and storage area cleverly hide the on goings behind the scene, while a black curtain on the window keeps the illusion in place. Needless to say this will provide your guests with a culinary experience to remember! Moreover, this sturdy decor, easy to install indoors and outdoors, is pleasing with its practical aspect, avoiding the constraints associated with hiring a full-scale equipped vehicle. Let the culinary show begin....

Staging your events and animations

Experts in designing and staging events, Options offers you a wide range of original sets, equipment and accessories to hire, to meet all your requirements. Always attentive to your needs and on the lookout for the latest emerging trends, we are happy to offer you the best ideas to make your events as unique as they are special. Entrust our teams of consultants with your events and let your imagination run wild! . We are always eager and at your side to make sure that even the most challenging projects are achieved, whilst respecting any technical constraints and budget.

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