Garden party

Photographer : Tanguy De Montesson / Agence Oblique

If there is one British tradition that the whole world envies when it comes to entertaining, it is the traditional garden party. As chic as it is offbeat, this outdoor event combines elegance and simplicity like no other.
Its outwardly casual style is highly appealing to most when the summer season starts, but welcoming guests outdoors requires a degree of preparation and the use of appropriate furnishings.
Options has an entire range dedicated to rental equipment for terraces and gardens to transform any outdoor area into an elegant and relaxing reception area.

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An outdoor event

First of all, it is important to decide the exact spot you wish to hold the event, whether it is on a lawn or a terrace, whether the surface is flat or uneven. All this is crucial when choosing the furniture and layout of the event. Tables dotted around are generally the most popular choice, allowing everyone to sit or circulate as they please. Parasols and pergolas are also available to protect guests from the sun or to provide shelter from adverse weather conditions. Outdoor lighting and heating will also allow you to enjoy the celebrations after dark and enhance the decorations. When it comes to outdoor events, everything has to be designed. From the size of the event to whether it will be a seated garden party, it may require a designated catering area or a structure like a marquee or dance floor installed.

The charm of a garden party

An outdoor area has all the ingredients you need for a successful garden party, whether at your home or at a venue. Holding the event in the comfort of your own home, allows you to welcome a large number of guests without being overrun indoors, while enjoying the beauty and charm of your own garden. More relaxed than a formal event or a sit-down meal, holding garden cocktail party will allow you to be more creative and the guests' more relaxed. Give your guests an unforgettable and special experience by combining a unique setting with a little entertainment such as a lounge area, a refreshment bar, an original photocall or a finger food buffet.
When it comes to decoration, a natural and elegant country style is sure to find its place at any garden party. Chic and charming, it will complement the surroundings of any venue. With Options' catalogue you will find a wide range of wooden and metal furniture, chairs and benches. You can add vintage tableware, candles and candle holders for that finishing touch to create an inimitable charm to the event. When it comes to tables and buffet tables, long white tablecloths will give your garden party a touch of elegance. An elegance that is highly sought-after, and contrasts beautifully with the surrounding greenery. Let your imagination run free and create according to your own ideas, a beautiful outdoor setting for your guests.

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