Help & FAQ


  • When did you start working in the events industry?

    Options was founded in 1981.

  • Are there any Options shops?

    Yes, there is an Options Boutique in the centre of Paris and each depot has a showroom.

  • Is it possible to see your products before we commit?

    Sure, you are always welcome at our Boutique or any of our showrooms.

  • What kind of events do you get involved in?

    Our range of activities is vast. From a private party to a grand international event, a dinner for two or a conference for several thousand covers.

  • Are your products more traditional or modern?

    Both! We work with all sorts of clients with all sorts of styles. To get an idea check out our table designs on this website.

  • What is the difference between table design, l'Art de la Table and decoration?

    Table design (l'Art de la Table being the French term) is focussed on what is on and around the table, whereas decoration for us is to do with the transformation of the room the vent is in.

  • How many events do you supply each year?

    Several thousand. We average about 400 deliveries a day.


  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, or you can collect from our depots.

  • What do you charge?

    The transport charge is calculated on the distance, timing, volume and weight of the delivery and collection.

  • Do we need to clean and arrange the products before returning them?

    We do the washing up! However, our products need to be sorted correctly back into the containers they were delivered in. Place glasses facing upwards into the correct crates (make sure they don't protrude over the top or they will break) a label on each crate will tell you which glasses go where. The trick with crockery is to rest the crate on it's side, thus making it easier to insert or remove your plates. Light gray crates are for flat or dessert plates whereas the dark grey crates are for the charger / presentation plates. The red crates are for the smaller dishes, bread plates and so on.

  • Who dresses the tables?

    That's your department. We will deliver the hire equipment to where you specify and leave you to it. Nevertheless, we are happy to cover with you any aspect of your event.

  • Do you collect the equipment or do I need to bring it back?

    As with the delivery, you can either arrange this yourself or we can collect.

  • Do you deliver overseas?

    Sure. We have outlets in France, Switzerland and Spain. We also deliver to other countries on request.

  • Do you deliver everywhere in the UK?

    Yes. You will get the same service wherever your event.

  • Can I specify the delivery and collection times?

    Certainly. We will help you select the most appropriate delivery windows and charges.

  • Can I collect?

    Yes. Specify this when you send us your enquiry.

  • Can you make staged deliveries?

    Sure, but it will work out cheaper for you if you take everything in one go.

  • When do you deliver? How much time before the event?

    We deliver on the day and on the hour you specify.


  • Do you supply front of house staff?

    No, but we are happy to help you with your event if required.

  • Can you recommend a good caterer?

    There are many good caterers that can make your event a success. As we work with so many, it would be difficult to choose.

  • Do you help with venues?

    No, our speciality is the hire of tableware and furniture for events as well as the decoration of venues. Our sales team may be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Where can I find Valets?

    This is not a service offered by us but maybe our sales team may be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Do you have any special arrangements with caterers or staff agencies?

    No, we work with all caterers and agencies.


  • What shapes are your tablecloths?

    Our tablecloths are either square or rectangular. Sizes range from 120x120cm to 280x1200xm. However, our in-house tailors can help you with your specific requirements.

  • Are you planning on introducing new products?

    Yes, we introduce new products all year round. We suggest you check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Can I see a photograph of the table design with products I have selected?

    With pleasure. Let us now what you need and we will send you an image by email.

  • I don't know what I want for my event. Can you help?

    Sure. Our sales team are trained in advising you.

  • Can you put graphics on plates?

    Yes, we can apply your initials, a company logo etc.

  • Do you provide a napkin folding service?

    No, you can be inspired, however, by some of the napkin designs in our photos on the website.

  • Tha candle holders, candles and vases on your tables. Are they for hire too?

    Most of what you see can be hired or purchased from us.

  • Can we swap one of the products in your table designs?

    Most of our products belongs to our brochure are disposable for hire.

  • Can I change a product in designs?

    Of course. None of our designs are fixed. You can change your products as easily as the number of covers.

  • Can we commission just your decorations service?

    Certainly, there is no obligation to combine any of our services.

  • Can you help me visualise my project?

    Yes. With photos of your table designs, 2D or 3D plans of your venue and layout and even a solid model of the event if necessary.

  • Can you advise me on the organisation of my event?

    Certainy, but this would need one of our sales team to meet with you first.

  • Can you liaise directly with my caterer to agree the list of hire products?

    Certainly, but this would need one of our sales team to meet with you first.

  • Can I have a different design or theme from those on your website?

    Absolutely. Our sales advisors will help you with your selection.

  • Can I get advice from one of your designers / sylists?

    Certainly, but this would need one of our sales team to meet with you first.


  • How can I find a sales advisor?

    Go to our Contact Us page.

  • I'm holding an event this evening. Is it too late to order?

    Not necessarily but don't delay any further. Call us straight away and we will see what we can do.

  • How much notice do you need before an event?

    The more time the better, mainly to ensure that your products are reserved. Last minute orders, however, are still possible.

  • Can one of your sales team meet me at the event location?

    Sure, we are more than happy to help you with your event. Get in touch with one of our sales advisors.

  • Can we change the number of covers at the last minute?

    You can modify your order up to 48 hours before the event although we would advise you to finalise numbers as soon as possible and book your event with our sales team.

  • Can we place an order in your Boutique or showrooms?


  • What are the minimum and maximum hire periods?

    There are none. Our sales team will discuss your needs with you and recommend the optimum hire period.

  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    Check out our terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page.

  • How long before I get a quote?

    At most within 48 hours, but on weekdays we aim to quote you within 2 hours.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes. The deposit is refundable if all items are returned in good order. Your sales advisor will explain the details.

  • When do I have to pay?

    Your hire fee and depost need to be paid before the event and at the time of booking. Once everything is returned safely we will refund your deposit.

  • On average what does it cost to hire your equipment per head?

    It all depends on the range you select, and there are too many to calculate a useful figure.

  • Does an enquiry commit me in any way?

    Certainly not. There are three stages of hiring equipment from us: The quotation: We will give you pricing and anticipated availability but make no guarantee on that availability. Reservation: Upon request, you can agree with our sales advisors to reserve you stock for an agreed period while you finalise your order. The order: As with reservation, but once payment is received the product is guaranteed yours for your event dates.

  • What happens if break or lose an item?

    Once we have checked and counted all your items, you will be invoiced for the replacement costs of lost, damaged or broken items.

  • What is the minimum period between confirming an order and delivery?

    We would advise you give us as much notice as possible. We are always flexible so discuss your needs with our sales advisors.

  • What does the decoration service cost?

    Each event is costed individually.

  • Can we buy some of your products?

    We suggest you contact one of our sales advisors.