Jar drinks dispenser to hire for your events

bonbonne de verre

© Photographer : Marine Nyiri

Drawing from vintage styles, table decoration is constantly reinventing itself to create new dining experiences for your events. Ultra-modern, the pretty vintage jar dispensers are bursting onto buffet tables
to offer guests a homemade original refreshment! Available for hire from our catering equipment section,  you will not be able to resist these charming jars and their delightful retro look to serve your own fresh drinks.

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A tailor-made welcome

Inspired by the "DIY" trend and self-service drink bars, vintage drink jars have reinvented the way you prepare, present and serve cold drinks in a fun and original way. Ideal for a cocktail reception at a wedding, a fair, a birthday or children's teatime, these charming hexagonal glass jars with a retro look are available in different sizes from 6.6 l to 12.5 l. In a traditional or metal version, they can be placed on the edge of bars and buffet tables to allow guests to help themselves as they please by using their small taps. Equipped with a large lid to store the chosen drinks, you can create your own unique drinks that are as delicious as they are pleasing to the eye. Concoct your own homemade cocktails, lemonades, herbal teas and iced teas made with fresh fruit to offer your guests a subtle sweet and thirst-quenching break!

A vintage style reception for your events

For a chic bohemian-inspired cocktail reception, why not embrace the retro style by browsing our collection of Vintage tableware and glassware? Jar drink dispensers, jugs, stemmed glasses or cut-glass tumblers for long drinks, wine or whisky decanters, glass bell food covers, Demijohn glass containers, cake and sandwich stands, candelabras, cutlery and porcelain tableware will allow you to create a charming cocktail buffet table for your private events. Timeless and romantic as ever, the vintage trend enables you to personalise your reception in your own unique way, featuring original and authentic accessories. Surrounded by culinary delicacies and guests enjoying the evening, the cocktail buffet table becomes a part of the decor in itself. Both elegant and informal, this trend takes you back to a time gone by, reminding us of those precious moments of life that we want to keep close to our hearts forever.

Personalise your reception with Options

Committed to offering you the widest range of products for your receptions and events, Options is constantly sourcing new products and accessories to meet all your expectations. Always on the cutting edge of the latest trends in event decoration, we could not ignore the vintage and homemade wave that continues to exude its charm of yesteryear at receptions. Because finding second-hand goods in antique shops and finding the room to store them is a time-consuming and expensive task, Options has a unique selection of retro tableware and accessories to ensure that your guests have a new and exciting time sampling the culinary delights.

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