lounge chair

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Enjoyed for its inimitable comfort, the Lounge chair invites guests to unwind and relax. A true symbol of relaxation and a must as part of your lounge furniture. 
Comfortable, elegant and stylish, it allows you to effortlessly mix style and comfort in all simplicity. Combined with our range of lounge furniture, the chair will find its place as the centrepiece of the lounge.

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Create a lounge for your guests and VIPs.

With Options’ range of lounge furniture, it is easy to design lounges and VIP areas in the blink of an eye without any purchase or storage constraints. Armchairs, sofas, coffee tables and benches, can be used to create a cosy and exclusive area away from the festivities for guests to relax and socialise, or to create an area suitable for negotiating and communicating. Available in different styles: modern, designer, retro, cosy or traditional, the furniture will allow you to coordinate your lounge areas with the chosen decor and theme of the event. Whether you decide to hold the event outdoors, on a terrace, by a swimming pool, in a garden, indoors, in a single room or an open space area, the lounge furniture will allow you to create a small and cosy area for those special occasions.

Combine comfort and design with a Lounge chair

Available in fabrics that are stylish and elegant, untreated and natural, traditional or modern and sophisticated, our Lounge chairs are all atypical in design and comfortable. Whether they are made of leather, white vinyl, woven fabric or wooden with velvet cushions, they all share certain characteristics such as their low and comfortable seats, their soft backrests, their billowy cushions and their large armrests. Perfect for creating a stylish and cosy area within your reception, they will offer your guests a warm and friendly welcome. Skilfully combining formal and informal, it is certain they will quickly turn your lounge area into a highly sought-after place that guest will not want to leave.

The art of relaxation by Options

Even though an event is festive and exciting, it must also be composed of moments of calm and relaxation, Options is proud to present a wide range of furniture and accessories to complement your living rooms and lounge areas. Offer your guests the occasion to relax, socialise and enjoy a cocktail or a refreshing drink. Whether the event is being held indoors or outdoors, our consultants will help you select the furniture that is best suited to the style of your event. Simply sit back, relax and browse through our catalogue in the quest of finding the perfect lounge furniture for your event.

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