chaises médaillon

® Photographe : Tanguy de Montesson / Agence Oblique

The Médaillon chair is a most elegant and comfortable chair. Embodying luxury with a touch of French style, this timeless chair has become a must for chic and stylish receptions.
The chairs are available in a variety of colours and fabrics, accommodating the latest trends and complementing the decoration at your event. Find out more about the emblematic chair below and how best to combine the chair with the venue.

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The features of Médaillon chairs and Médaillon chairs with armrests

Renowned for their elegant shape, proportions, elegant fabrics, inimitable comfort and traditional style, the Médaillon chair and Médaillon chair with armrests, also known as "Louis XVI chairs", are easily recognised due to their style and silhouette. Known for their strong frame and linear lines, their slightly fluted legs, their padded and upholstered backrest, and of course, the oval or rounded shape so characteristic of this chair. The Médaillon chair, more than any other chair, instantly brings a touch of elegance and tradition to the decor with its impressive style and beauty.

Our Médaillon chair range

Thanks to our rental solutions, you can quickly equip yourself with these popular Médaillon chairs from our collection for events and receptions. Known here as "Montaigne chairs", they are available in different colours and fabrics to meet all your needs. The chairs can either blend in with the decor or on the contrary, contrast the colours with the furniture. In natural wood with a linen upholstered backrest and seat for a natural bohemian feel and cottage spirit, in white wood with white, black, pink or pearl-grey fabric in a revamped traditional style, in dark wood with grey or black fabrics for a modern and elegant feel, in an ultra-baroque gold style for a whimsical and Rococo decor or entirely made of clear Plexiglas with a contemporary and refined design. The Médaillon chair imbues itself with all different styles and eras, and plays an important role at your events.

Furniture for events by Options

An expert in furniture rental and equipment for events. Options finds the most beautiful items and has a collection that is as rich as it is fashionable for you to choose from for your events. From timeless pieces such as the Médaillon chairs and Médaillon chairs with armrests to the most unique and original latest designs, our role is to help you find the furniture that will make a difference at your event. Because each event is special, we strongly believe our eclectic range of products will meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants to help you create the most beautiful setting for your guests, combining comfort, style and originality.

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