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While the sun is undoubtedly the most awaited guest at your outdoor event, the latter must include the indispensable parasols to provide a cool and shaded area for your guests.
Alongside their practical and protective role, umbrellas add a touch of style to your chic terrace lunch decoration. All that's left for you to do is follow our advice and choose the right parasols for your event.

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The ideal parasol for your outdoor events

Everything is ready, the venue, the number of guests, the tables, the chairs, buffet tables, bar tables and other accessories. You have only one thing left to add to the furniture at your event, parasols. Choose them according to the venue, but also in coordination with the furniture you have already chosen. An integral part of the décor, choose them carefully to complement the look and style of the event without neglecting the fundamental technical details and of course safety.

What kind of parasol for your event?

Whether your event will be in a garden or on a terrace, our range of parasols allows you to choose between different styles. You can choose from traditional round parasols, Louisiana parasols, more bohemian style or beach parasols with their exotic straw-like fringes. Depending on the type of parasols and the layout of your furniture, you will need to choose a base or base slabs to stand the parasols either in the centre of your tables, or next to them.

Available in several shapes but also in different colours that are subtle, natural and elegant, such as white, chocolate, red and beige, they will complement your decor without a doubt. The choice of base is equally important, in order to ground the parasol and to stop the wind blowing it away!

Expert advice at your fingertips

For all your furniture and accessories when organising your outdoor event, you can count on the expertise and expert advice of our consultants at Options to meet your needs. To ensure the event is a success, finding the best solutions adapted to your requirements, and your budget is our priority and is at the heart of our professional commitment.