rectangular tables

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Rectangular tables are among the most models for receptions. Ideal for creating a friendly banquet-like ambience, they are adaptable to suit your requirements and can be used for a number of purposes: buffet tables, stands
at events and trade fairs, etc. Events are often a short-term affair, taking place over a span of one or two days. Hiring furniture is therefore by far the most advantageous way
to equip your event, giving you the freedom of selecting the best suited models without any constraints.

Rent in only 3 steps:

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furniture and decoration online.
2Deuxième étapeChoose the quantity
you need.
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Our range of rectangular tables

Available in various sizes ranging from 50 to100 cm wide and 150 to 230 cm long, our rectangular reception tables come with a wooden table top and foldable metal legs. Our rectangular tables are ideal for square or rectangular rooms, as well as for events outdoors on a terrace or other outdoor areas where the ground is flat and stable. Easily adaptable for any occasion, whether it is a special occasion or a gala dinner, a refreshment stand, a carnival or a trade fair. Easy to move around and store thanks to their foldable legs, they can be covered with any rectangular tablecloth, whether it is made of fabric, paper or synthetic fibres.

How to arrange your rectangular tables?

A must-have design for both small and large events, rectangular tables allow a range of layouts to be used depending on the desired visual effect and ambience. A perfect combination of warmth and conviviality, they are known for their ability to accommodate a large number of guests and foster conversation, while creating a welcoming and harmonious setting. For a wedding or gala evening, a U-shaped layout allows the bride and groom or host to be visible for everyone to see whilst leaving a central area vacant for a dance floor. A T-shaped layout is perfect for a narrow barn or dining room and will showcase the head table while creating a friendly dining area. You could also opt for a herringbone layout for a countryside reception outdoors, or in rows for an unforgettable dining experience in a marquee.

The advantages of hiring furniture

Economical and practical, hiring furniture offers many other advantages! Hiring furniture gives you access to a wide range of styles and sizes that meets all your needs, according to the venue, event and number of guests on the special day. Freeing you from the hassle of organising transport with our delivery service, hiring furniture also helps you to avoid long-term storage problems and the expense of purchasing items for just a few days. You will benefit from high quality, professional furniture that conforms to health and safety standards. Options' consultants are at your disposal and would be delighted to help you choose the best products for your event.

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