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Choosing furniture that is both aesthetic and practical is of considerable importance when it comes to the layout of your reception.
It has not only to be part of the decor but also to offer optimal comfort for your guests. Hiring furniture allows you to choose from a multitude of possible layouts and styles to compose your décor,
while meeting your functional and technical requirements. Extremely popular to create comfortable lounge areas, sofas provide a place for your guests to relax.

Rent in only 3 steps:

Step 1Select your tableware,
furniture and decoration online.
Step 2Choose the quantity
you need.
Step 3Confirm your order: an adviser
will draw up a quote within 24h.

Sofas for the comfort of your guests

Available in different models, sizes and materials, our sofas will allow you to create a comfortable, calm and friendly area for your guests. From a simple bench covered in white, red, or black fabric creating a VIP lounge look, to a flashy silver Chesterfield upholstered sofa, or an aged leather sofa recreating a living room; you will undoubtedly find the style that suits you in our range. Whether the event is outdoors with our taupe ribbed sofas and cushions, or indoors, with our Victorian-inspired wooden and linen sofas blended with romantic decoration and candlelight, your guests will be delighted. And why not add matching armchairs alongside the sofas, or be bold and mix and match styles and materials?

A lounge for your events

A popular trend, lounge areas have become an absolute must for soirées and event organisers. For a wedding, a corporate event or an exhibition, it offers the guests a sociable and laid back ambience. When hiring lounge furniture at Options you have a wide range to choose from allowing you to choose the right layout for you depending on your event and desired configuration. If the choice of furniture must meet the needs in terms of comfort and design, the attention given to the décor and lighting will be just as important to create a cosy atmosphere. Get inspired with our various designs and plans on our website to create the ideal setting for you.

La Maison Options, un savoir-faire à la hauteur de vos exigences

Options has been designing, staging and decorating important events for several decades, with the same passion and commitment. We are committed to offering you the finest furniture and accessories to fulfil your design and style expectations. We are constantly updating our catalogues with the latest trends. Our consultants are always at your disposal to guide you with any aspect of your project. Following your ideas, budget and your requirements, we will work closely with you to create a unique and exceptional setting for your events.

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