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When it comes to table decoration, choosing plates is one of the most important aspects of the table. The dinner service, along with the glasses, accompanying cutlery and place mats play a key role in the design of the table setting.
The table setting helps create the desired ambience before whetting your guest’s appetite. Options has an extensive collection of plates in a variety of shapes, colours and materials for you to choose from.

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Revisit traditional dishes on this original shaped plate

Modern, elegant and simple, square plates have gradually become a part of tableware. Unlike the classic round shape, these misleadingly formal looking plates are highly appealing with their large dimension and unique way of showcasing culinary delights at the centre of the plate. A white backdrop for chefs to dress, the plates bring a touch of originality to tables and blend harmoniously with all types of decor. Available in white porcelain or transparent textured glass, both are available to hire from our wide range of plates and come in all formats: side plates, dinner plates, the essential Flat plate, dessert plates and presentation plates. Popular with guests for their style and sophistication, the square plates distill a feeling of Zen on the table setting, while combining both simplicity and refinement.

Experiment with geometric shapes using square tables

And if squares were the new circle... In order for your square plates to stand out on your table, why not create a combination of geometric shapes around them, for example, combine them with rectangular plates for a subtle and elegant variation... Because it's all about balance, use strong lined cutlery to create a contemporary ensemble, designer and modern, they are ideal to showcase culinary delights on carefully dressed plates. The square plates will be all the more emphasized if you choose furniture that echoes the same form. . Rectangular and square tables are therefore preferred for greater compatibility. The shape will be endlessly repeated through an innovative and bold repetitive pattern in the space.

The subtle art of table decoration by Options

An expert in table decoration, Options has an impressive range of tableware to hire that will satisfy all your expectations from the starters to the desserts! A refined and complex art, table decoration requires a subtle touch, a sense of finesse and harmony. That is why our consultants are there to suggest the best combinations to enhance your table settings as well as the culinary delights being served to your guests. Elegance and sophistication are the trademarks of Options so dive into our catalogue to find the models that will make your table settings unique and in keeping with your style.

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