Sustainable Development

Options’ commitment

For many years, Options has applied and upheld ethical work practices in sales, procurement and professional work relationships within the company.
Options today is aiming to implement and create a work dynamic across all its entitie, thus steering them in the direction Options Paris is moving, holder of the PrestaDD label since 27 February 2019.
All our entities are aware of any actions implemented as well as applying sustainable-development initiatives.

What is the PrestaDD label?

The PrestaDD label is a guide that helps entertainment and event companies in their efforts to promote sustainable development. It was designed in partnership with Ecocert Environnement.

Why did we choose this accreditation?

For several years we have been concerned about environmental issues. The founder and teams at Options sought the accreditation in order to implement the principles of sustainable development into the world of entertainment and events.
To succeed a fully committed and dedicated team was needed.

The PrestaDD accreditation criteria:

The PrestaDD® label is based on a framework that is divided into 3 sections:
- The Environment
- The Social aspect
- The Economic aspect

We have been working on these 3 pillars of sustainable development over several years at Options, making Options a committed and responsible player, alongside our partners and customers.

Our main economical actions

Options Paris is a signatory to the code of conduct for businesses. Our purchasing policy is increasingly oriented towards a selection of European suppliers. 70% of our products come from French manufacturers.
We participate and adhere to the eco-guide that road maps the path to an eco-responsible event with the support of ADEME.

Our main environmental actions

Our production processes have incorporated environmentally friendly practices: recycling water, use of water-based paints since 2009.
Recycling is practiced throughout the company, both in offices (plastic, paper, cans, ink cartridges, batteries) and in the workshops (carpet, wood, fabric, scrap metal workshops...).
Our delivery personnel are also trained in energy-efficient driving and our vehicles are equipped with green tyres.

Our main social actions

We turn to and use the services of companies specialising in employing people with physical and mental impairment. (CAT a leading employer and service provider in this domain). We promote equal opportunities for employees and social cohesion for all, in particular the promotion of employees internally.
Training courses are regularly offered to Options’ employees.