Hire tables to cover for your events

tables to cover


Ideal for receptions, trestle tables provide you with an opportunity to furnish your event in a number of ways. Practical, economical and extremely efficient, hiring tables to cover is the best way to coordinate your furniture for your events. Hiring trestle tables avoids unnecessary purchases and any transportation issues involved, but trestle tables are by far the winner where storage is concerned with their foldable legs.
Trestle tables come with numerous advantages when organising events.

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A practical and economical solution for seated events

Whether it is for a wedding, a christening, a gala evening, a corporate dinner or a special birthday party, the question of tables quickly arises. Once you have determined the number of guests and chosen the venue, it is time to decide how many tables you need to seat all the guests comfortably, and to think about the seating plan... It goes without saying, that the chance of you having a dozen tables at home to equip the event is unlikely, and sometimes, the venue for the event doesn't have enough furniture or tables either.
Hiring tables that can be covered with tablecloths is generally the most popular solution for our customers thanks to all the advantages they offer. Economical and functional, trestle tables offer unique storage facilities with their foldable legs. Practical and easy to handle, they are suitable for all kinds of venues and will allow you to set up your room in record time. Perfect for buffet tables or areas for culinary animation, they can also be used at fairs, school parties, trade fairs or exhibitions.

A wide range of tables and table decorations

Whether you choose long rectangular tables like the great tables of the past, or round and oval tables for the elegance and intimacy they bring to the event, they will meet all your needs and design requirements. Perfectly neutral and sturdy with their fire-resistant wooden tops and their metal trestles, you will have the opportunity to creatively decorate the tables in line with the theme of your décor.
Seating 2 to 12 guests, you will be able to adjust sizes, shapes and the layout according to your wishes and needs. Thanks to the uniformity of height and overall appearance, all you have to do is let your creativity speak for itself and decorate your tables with care. Long white or coloured tablecloths will cover the tabletops and feet, using either elegant drapes or stretched canvas. Our vast catalogue will allow you to coordinate chairs, tableware, table decoration and accessories that are original and refined to the theme of your event, thanks to the expert advice from our dedicated consultants.

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