Trays for events and receptions


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At cocktail parties tableware plays an important part in the decoration. Keeping in mind the choice of tableware and equipment is just as important for cocktail parties as it is for sit down dinners with waiter service.
Experts in tableware decoration, Options has a large range of high quality trays and plates at your disposal available to hire for all your events.

Trays at the centre of your event

When holding either a seated or standing cocktail party, the presentation of the platters is of utmost importance. The display of food should tempt your guests, remember, you eat with your eyes. Decorative accessories, the choice of catering equipment should be carefully chosen for the platters being served. Our trays all have different styles therefore it is important to choose your trays carefully.
Traditional trays or trays with feet, made of wood, stainless steel, silver, bamboo, coloured or woven, our vast selection will satisfy your needs with its eclecticism and will allow you to bring your personal touch to your reception. Our wide range of prices will also allow you to adhere to your budget. You will have high quality equipment that is practical, elegant and original.

Our teams and professional experience at your service

Options will use all of it’s experience and expertise to help your events be successful, accompanying you from the conception through to the staging of the event. Our teams are there to advise and help you choose the equipment for your events, ensuring your needs ands wishes are fulfilled. In choosing Options you will have a full range of products at your disposal ensuring that every aspect of your event runs smoothly.
Our aim is to adhere to your budget and any constraints there may be, while offering you the best products, we have in our catalogues the most exquisite products and materials. New items are regularly added to our catalogue, we follow the latest trends while preserving the timeless classics. Take advantage of our experience in choosing Options for the rental of your reception equipment, giving you peace if mind and an event that will delight both you and your guests.