Vaisselle Vintage

Discover the offer Vaisselle Vintage. You will find a set a products from bargain-hunting, which have the particularity to be mismatched.

  1. Plates
    Here are the Vintage plates, available for hire. You will find mismatched plates with harmonious motifs: blue, flowered or white and gold.
  2. Glasses
    Find here all the Vintage glasses available for hire. Glass or crystal, you can dare to mix them to have an original and trendy table.
  3. Cutlery
    Our offer of Vintage tableware includes silver and stainless steal cutlery, all from bargain-hunting.
  4. Jugs and carafes
    Discover our Vintage jugs and carafes and dare to mix them on your table, for a harmonious decoration.
  5. On the table
    You will find here all the accessories you need to put on your table and create a beautiful Vintage decoration.
  6. Dishes
    Find a set of dishes that matches with the Vintage plates in order to create a beautiful harmony on your table.