Welcome desks

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For your professional and personal events like conferences, gala evenings, trade fairs, product launches or conventions, it is essential that your guests and VIPs are greeted with the utmost care.
Using a rental agency allows you to design your reception areas, lobbies and entrances with furniture that is specially tailored to suit the occasion.
A must, the welcome desks will not only allow guests to easily identify the entrance but also to welcome, guide and inform them.

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A tailor-made welcome

Resembling a bar, welcome desks indicate the entrance of the venue and ensure a warm welcome for guests. They provide a suitable area for stewards and stewardesses to guide, inform and accompany your guests. Whether they are straight, angled or rounded, they are available in a variety of materials and colours, thus, easy to blend with the venue: light wood, lackfolie white, black or coloured, covered in a cotton fabric or mirrored glass. Matt, gloss or electronically lit, the welcome desks will fit perfectly with the theme and decoration of the event and are sure to be noticed by your guests at the entrance. Practical, elegant, and easy to install thanks to the different options, they also allow you to store any material you need for guests, to give out badges, audio guides, leaflets, etc.

Facilitate access and circulation

Quickly identifiable by guests, the welcome desks will help guests find their way around the venue, not forgetting the number may be increased according to If needed, you could strategically place welcome desks around the venue to ease circulation and guide guests visually through the venue: at the entrance of the venue, at the bottom of the stairs leading to the reception room, in front of a cloakroom or in the middle of a lobby to imply inform guests. Ensuring a warm welcome and paying particular attention to your arrival, welcome desks are instrumental to the success of your event right from the start, avoiding overcrowding or a disoriented bustle at the entrance. Adaptable to suit your requirements as well as the layout of the venue, they can be used to create different reception areas. The facades and tops of a number of models can also be personalised allowing your reception desks to perfectly match the theme and decor of your event.

Options, a partner for your professional and personal events

As an expert in organising events for the past 3 decades, Options is proud to offer you a large range of furniture and equipment to welcome your guests. Whatever the event, we are aware of the importance of those first impressions when guests first enter a venue. We are proud to offer you a range of furniture specially adapted to meet all your needs when welcoming guests. Do not hesitate to contact our consultants to help you select the best welcome desks to enter the venue and suit your needs, while enhancing the lobbies, entrances and entrances of the venue.