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When it comes to receptions, elegant and stylish glassware is a must. The glassware should be suitably adapted to the wines being served.
Hiring tableware from Options means you won't have the hassle of buying and storing the glasses whilst allowing you to create new styles and designs using high quality glassware.
Impress your guests and learn the art of table decoration by calling Options for your events.

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The art of wine tasting

When it comes to wine what is poured into the glass is almost as important as the glass. Amateurs and wine connoisseurs alike will agree that choosing the right glass enhances the flavours of the wine and allows you to fully appreciate all the aromas. On a table, wine glasses are characterised by their size, volume, and stem that elegantly enhances the bouquet.For each different wine there must be a dedicated glass. The wine glasses should be placed behind the plate in order of size, starting from left to right with the white wine glass, followed by the red wine glass and finally the champagne flute. To unlock the flavours of a red wine and aerate its aromas, a wide wine glass is preferable with a narrow neck. On the other hand, white wines or lighter wines are better suited to a narrower wine glass. The transparency of a glass and its sheen will bring out the colour of the wine. That is why it is ideal to opt for a fine or delicately sculpted glass, or crystal for its inimitable lustre.

Our selection

  1. Gala Glasses set
  2. Sublym Glasses set

Our glassware range for your events

36 years of experience in tableware decoration has made Options a leading specialist of decorative accessories and layouts for events. Our expertise and glassware rental service tableware from Options will allow you to meet the expectations of both wine connoisseurs and beginners, while offering your guests a table setting that is both stunning and sophisticated.

The importance of service at Options

Beyond the aspects purely related to wine tasting, glassware has a key role on a large table. Synonymous with luxury and pleasure, glassware brings a fullness and transparency to a table and must blend with the tableware, cutlery and decorations. Available in a set (water glass, wine and champagne), our wide range of glasses will allow you to create a harmonious combination of shapes and colours. From translucent glasses to opaque, coloured or cut glass, in a classic, designer or bohemian style, let your imagination do the talking and create the most attractive table to complement the theme. For those who want to keep up with the latest trends, the current trend is all about mixing and matching shapes and colours to create a baroque feel. Follow your inspiration and make your glassware an integral part of the decoration.

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