Hire a bain marie for your events

bain marie


When organising a reception, it is important to know how to equip yourself with the appropriate professional kitchen equipment that meets all safety and operating requirements.
When cooking dinners and meals for guests, a catering kitchen requires careful planning. In this respect, using a bain marie is often the most popular solution.

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Ensure optimal cooking methods for your events

Cooking food or reheating catered food is extremely important when organising a reception. The bain marie allows you to cook on a low or medium heat, but also offers the possibility to gently reheat catered food. Unlike other types of cooking, a bain marie provides a homogeneous diffusion of heat without overheating the most delicate of dishes.
Our professional electric bain marie ensures optimal safety and a level of performance that is specially adapted to large receptions. Mounted on a trolley with wheels and easy to move around, it is equipped with a shelf for food or equipment storage and has three large stainless steel trays. The size of the trays make it possible to heat or keep warm large portions of food, with a heating capacity ranging from 30°c to 95°c. Each compartment has a removable lid and its own thermostat to allow several dishes to be cooked or heated at the same time. This will allow your guests to enjoy delicious warm food, without having to keep an eye on the level of heat throughout the festivities!

A catering kitchen designed for your events by Options

Professionals and individuals alike call on the services Options provides on a daily basis to equip their events. Experts in the rental of reception equipment for 36 years, our consultants will offer you innovative solutions adapted to all your requirements, while respecting your budget. Depending on the venue, the number of guests and the type of menu you wish to serve, we will guide you in choosing the equipment and accessories that will equip your kitchen, or catering area for the day.
As you know, the success of an event depends largely on the quality of the food and the attention taken whilst cooking. For this reason, nothing can replace professional quality equipment that is specially adapted to this type of event and the most refined cuisine. Choosing Options assures an excellent and reliable service that is equal to the trust you have placed in us.

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