Options, specialist in equipment hire for receptions, buffets and weddings, invites your to explore its inspirational ideas for tables, buffets, and lounge areas as well as the Options Collection and Vintage Crockery ranges.

  1. Tables

    Explore the Options table layouts and be inspired to create events that will impress your guests.

  2. Buffets and poseur tables

    Explore the buffet staging created by Options and get inspired by our decoration ideas.

  3. Lounge

    Explore our suggestions for the lay out of your Lounge area, to be adapted to the theme of your reception.

  4. Themed decoration

    Are you looking for inspiration? Explore our theme buffet decoration ideas and add a festive and original touch to your reception.

  5. Vaisselle Vintage

    Explore the refinement and Vintage feel and add a romantic touch to your wedding or reception.

  6. Options Collection

    Are you looking to create an elegant table setting for a prestige event? Be inspired by the special staging created with Options Collection items.