Options specialises in renting equipment for receptions, designing atmospheric events and/or spaces, and renting decorative accessories. Its team of professional experts in dressing tables and designing decor, invite you to discover their expertise through pictures of tables, buffet tables and lounge areas which will stimulate your creativity and give you ideas for your events. For a prestigious table, take inspiration from the sets specially designed with products from Options Collection. Our interior designers will guide you in the creation of the atmosphere and ambiance desired, by helping you to select furniture, lighting, table and floral decorations.

  1. Tables

    Explore the Options table layouts and be inspired to create events that will impress your guests.

  2. Buffets and poseur tables

    Explore the buffet staging created by Options and get inspired by our decoration ideas.

  3. Lounge

    Explore our suggestions for the lay out of your Lounge area, to be adapted to the theme of your reception.