Hire a chafing dish to serve warm food at your buffet

chafing dish

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Would you like to organise a company brunch or a cocktail party without depriving your guests of a hot meal?
When a hot meal is required a chafing dish is the best equipment to serve a hot buffet to your guests. Combining elegance and functionality your dishes will be gracefully displayed while being kept warm and ready to serve without loosing any of the flavours.
Not to mention adding that little "maître de hôtel" touch that is always appreciated at events.

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Offer the pleasure of a hot meal to your guests at a buffet

Professional accessories are essential for hot buffets at any culinary event, brunches or cocktail parties, indoors or outdoors. In stainless steel or silver the chafing dish allows you to elegantly present the dishes to your guests and keeps them warm throughout your event. It operates on the principle of a bain-marie whether electric or equipped with a burner.

With or without a stand, rectangular or round, the chafing dish is available in different sizes according to the capacity required and can be used for any dishes that you wish to keep warm. Use both round and rectangular chafing dishes to suit the warm food being served.

Practical and economical solutions for your hot buffets

Have you chosen to organise a standing buffet to avoid the expense and sometimes cumbersome catering equipment, or simply to limit the number of staff required but you do not want to give up serving a hot meal to your guests? Options recommends hiring a professional chafing dish. Practical, robust and elegant, it will keep your food warm and allow each of your guests to enjoy the meal, no matter when they choose to eat.

As with all of our services, you can count on our teams of consultants. We are always at your disposal to guide you when choosing equipment, making sure it meets your needs from the order to the event itself and keeping to your budget.
Why miss out on such a professional service for your homemade or catered buffets when the key to their success is within reach?

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