club armchair

® Photographe : Tanguy de Montesson / Agence Oblique

As iconic as it is timeless, the Club armchair undoubtedly embodies elegance and the French style of comfort. This sturdy and masculine leather armchair, from the early 20th century,
has become a big hit at second-hand fairs and with antique dealers and continues to be a favourite in living rooms, libraries and reception areas. Very popular at private events
to bring a touch of character and authenticity, Options has a wide range of lounge furniture and Club armchairs available to furnish your reception areas.

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A classic armchair that never goes out of style

Similar to that of the Anglo-Saxon Chesterfield armchair, the Club armchair is a French piece of furniture that first appeared in the 1920s in French and English gentlemen's clubs. This shared heritage has given it a unique character, along with its distinctive features, its style is an unwavering success to this day. Enjoyed for its comfortable wide backrest and its large seat, its rounded shape and shell-shaped armrests, this art deco style armchair was originally made of brown full grain sheepskin and has a particular worn look. If its shape and material has somewhat evolved over time, it still retains all the key elements that made and still makes it successful: its incomparable comfort, its solid yet encircling lines, its inimitable style and its striking design.

A retro look at your reception

A true journey through time, the club chair is highly appealing with its powerful form, transporting you by its simple presence to an old-fashioned club room, a luxurious library or a gentlemen's lounge from the last century. A real must in terms of interior furnishings, this piece of furniture, highly prized by collectors and flea market enthusiasts, will instantly bring a vintage and authentic feel to the decoration whilst providing a high level of comfort for your guests. Ideal for creating a characterful lounge area, a cosy and refined VIP lounge or to personalise an entrance hall, it is available in different models and blends easily with all kinds of decor. From the brown Club traditional armchair in brown worn Basane leather to a black leather model with modern and elegant lines, or a chocolate leather aviator version, there is no doubt that you will find the Club chair of your choice among our selection.

Combine comfort and style for your guests

Options knows better than anyone else how to combine business with pleasure by combining style and comfort. Thanks to our unique choice of reception furniture, you can create the perfect cocoon for your guests without any purchases, transport or storage constraints. Highly appreciated by guests, lounge areas and VIP lounges allow you to relax and socialise away from the hustle and bustle of the festivities, and are essential at professional events to foster communication. It is therefore important to select comfortable, elegant and original furniture such as our legendary Club chairs.

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