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Synonymous with pleasure and conviviality, coffee is an essential element at your events, seminars and receptions. Comforting and stimulating, it is a custom that is always highly appreciated by your guests.
Although it is a tradition in Europe, today we all have our own ways of drinking it. One thing that is important to us all however is the quality of the coffee. The choice and rental of professional service equipment allows you to offer your guests excellent coffee.

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Some like it hot

Coffee is often an integral part of the day with its smooth soothing taste; it is an essential morning fuel for some. A true social medium, a coffee break is an important part of the day to recharge your batteries. A must have at your receptions, breakfasts, seminars or company cocktails. A coffee break is always welcomed and appreciated by your guests; therefore it would be inconceivable to go without.

In order to supply good hot coffee throughout the day, however many guests there are, it is essential to be equipped with professional machines. Depending on your needs, your budget and your type of event, we have a selection of machines to choose from with varying capacities, from percolators, to machines with capsules for perfect espressos, or the traditional and isothermal filter coffee maker that will keep your coffee warm for several hours and allow your guests to serve themselves.

The finishing touch for your dinners

A real tradition, coffee ends your lunches and dinners with style. At the end of the meal, it is out of the question to skip coffee, just as it is to serve poor quality coffee. An excellent meal could not end on the bitter note of a bad coffee that would spoil the guests' impressions.

The coffee ritual at the end of the meal is certainly a tradition, quite ceremonial, but always appreciated. Served with or without sugar and milk, coffee is sometimes served with chocolates or biscuits. Choosing high-quality coffee and an espresso machine or a professional coffee maker will allow you to make this tradition a special and pleasant occasion for each and every one of your guests.

We can also offer you a wide range of glass or porcelain tableware, coffeepots, cups and saucers and sugar bowls, as well as spoons, milk jugs and service accessories in stainless steel and silver, ensuring you the most elegant and stylish setting possible.

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