champagne flutes

Photographer : Tanguy De Montesson / Agence Oblique

A symbol of celebrations, elegance and style, champagne is a must for all the special events in your life. Good champagne will bring not only your taste buds alive, but the party too.
When drinking champagne the rituals and traditions must be followed, and champagne flutes or glasses are the only glassware that should be used. For your special events, hire tableware to offer your guests the most exquisite glassware.

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Did you say «champagne»?

A pleasure for some, a way of life for others, champagne requires a real savoir-faire, from its production, through to being served and enjoyed. No one would dare to question the unchanging rituals that govern drinking champagne, in particular, the use of champagne flutes. Perfectly tailored to this noble beverage, both elegant and streamlined, their unique design allows you to enjoy the sparkling bubbles swirling to the surface of the glass, while revealing the flavours and freshness of the champagne. A luxurious and festive drink by nature, champagne is definitely the essential ingredient for your events and special celebrations. Used as an accompaniment with dessert or to add an elegant French touch to any cocktail party, offer your guests a moment to remember.

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  1. Gala Glasses set
  2. Sublym Glasses set

A wide range of champagne flutes for your events.

Experts in table setting design, Options has a wide range of glassware and champagne flutes for your events. Hiring glasses is often the best solution to equip yourself with elegant and perfectly coordinated glassware, while benefiting from professional equipment and avoiding the constraints related to their transportation. You are free to choose from the different styles of glassware available. For those who love a more traditional style, our translucent glass flutes will impress your guests with their workmanship, and details from their feet to their finely gilded rim. Our modern champagne flutes, with their sleek lines, will make drinking from them a true pleasure, with their rounded base and tapered rim. Our coloured or bicoloured models will captivate you with their Baroque style and originality, while our opaque champagne flutes in black and white will add a touch of mystery to your cocktail parties...

Table setting designs by Options

For more than thirty years, Options has excelled with passion in table setting design. Our aim is to fully satisfy and constantly offer you the most beautiful accessories for your events, and we are continuously expanding our catalogue with new items, focusing on the quality and originality of our products.

You can count on our attention to detail and professionalism to accompany you throughout the creation of your project through to its completion, in order to make your event a unique and magical experience.

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