Rent all the equipment for your conference in a few clicks !

ambiance mariage

Organising a conference, a convention or a corporate seminar involves a lot of effort and planning.
It is vital to provide an area that is hospitable and welcoming for all employees or guests.

For professional encounters, Options has all the equipment needed to set up company meetings.

You will find all the basic equipment needed for your event (chairs, changing rooms, partitions, reception desks, lighting, etc.) as well as equipment for presentations (stands, desks, overhead projectors, sound equipment, etc.)
Prioritise socialising with breakfasts, break times and cocktail parties. Create receptions that reflect your company's image, choose from our various buffet tables, bar tables, plates, cups, etc.

Rent in only 3 steps:

Step 1Select your tableware,
furniture and decoration online.
Step 2Choose the quantity
you need.
Step 3Confirm your order: an adviser
will draw up a quote within 24h.

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Specialising in furniture rental for events and receptions, Options has everything you need to organise conferences, seminars and corporate events. You will find all the furniture needed for your events (chairs, partitions, welcome desks, lighting, etc.), equipment for the services (stands, podiums, projectors and sound equipment), without forgetting our bar tables, buffets, sofas, armchairs, coffee machines and tableware for those coffee breaks and breakfasts.

For your corporate events hire the furniture and equipment you need, relieving you of any logistical concerns (storage of equipment, delivery, staging) and with the help of our team making sure the required budget is met. Our teams are there to assist you throughout your project.