Round tables for your events

Round table rental

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The charm, elegance and conviviality of round tables are an essential part of wedding receptions, social gatherings and end-of-year events. Round tables have the advantage of blending into any setting and are ideal for traditional sit-down dinners.
They allow guests to enjoy each other’s company to the full. Hiring tables enables you to avoid an uncoordinated and mismatched look, and helps you to be well equipped, without any purchase or storage problems.

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Traditional and elegant

Round tables bring a traditional and refined feel to your receptions. They suit all room sizes and allow guests to circulate with ease. Dot the tables around the room to create a charming and distinguished atmosphere that will allow your guests to fully enjoy each other’s company. Round tables not only encourage conversation amongst guests to flow naturally, but also help to create an ambience, that is both friendly and intimate. Thanks to round tables, you have the option of seating your guests according to their compatibility or age to make sure the chemistry flows between them.

Table decoration and table sizes

With their wooden table top and foldable legs for easy storage, our tables are available in seven diameters, from 100cm to 200cm, depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests. You can mix the sizes of the tables to suit your needs, depending on the usage of the tables and the different requirements. Depending on the size chosen, 4 to 12 guests can be comfortably seated around the tables.

The traditional round table and chic design, allows you to drape long elegant tablecloths over them for a refined atmosphere. Round tables are unique in the sense that you are able to place beautifully designed centrepieces on them, tailor made to the size of the table. For a spectacular and chic effect place flowers, decorations and candelabras on the table in mass. And why not create a different theme for each table; assign a name or number to the table to seat your guests using a personalised seating plan?

Specialists in table decoration

With years of experience, Options specialises in table decoration, staging events, decor and the rental of furniture, accessories and equipment for your receptions. We will put all our know-how and passion at your disposal to make your event an unforgettable and unique experience, for both you and your guests. Our extensive catalogue allows you to design and create with us, the most beautiful decor for your events, with the guarantee of a professional and personalised service.

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