Hiring mobile rack trolleys for your events

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The catering area, although invisible to guests, is nevertheless a fundamental element at an event. It is in the kitchen where it all happens and the catering service must work like clockwork to avoid any possible problems.
Whether it is timing, storage, general organisation, food preparation or refrigerating, everything has to be under control. Equipping yourself with professional equipment adapted to your needs allows you
to optimise your catering areas and kitchens as much as possible in order to avoid any difficulties in terms of organisation on the day.

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Transporting isothermal containers

To transport catered food in isothermal containers, it is important to have the appropriate equipment. Hiring a mobile rack trolley specifically designed for the job will help avoid any mishaps. When using a caterer or a pastry chef, some dishes like desserts, appetisers and starters, often come prepared. To facilitate transportation from one place to another, and transferring them to the catering kitchen without any problems, Options can supply you with a mobile rack trolley that is designed to transport isothermal containers.
Our professional mobile rack trolley for isothermal containers is specially designed to facilitate moving catering dishes from point A to point B. Compatible with our eight-tiered insulated container, it is equipped with a removable ergonomic handle that is adjustable allowing it to be pushed or pulled, depending on your needs and the path you have to take. Thanks to its non-slip surface, raised borders and notches, the isothermal containers are securely supported, regardless of how they are opened. It also has a number of apertures allowing it to be jet washed and the water to drain away quickly. Its brake system ensures that it is safe to use on slopes and the mobile rack trolley can be locked into place when it is at a standstill.

Making it easier than ever to organise catering kitchens

Transporting material for catering kitchens and ready-made hot or cold food is one of the main issues that needs tackling when organising an event. Facilitating their transport thanks to equipment and systems that have been fully adapted to their needs is a key element in avoiding incidents. No one wants to see a delicious dessert dropped or carefully prepared verrines strewn across the floor as they are being transferred from the truck to the kitchen or from one room to the other.
Experts in organising events, Options has worked on each and every scenario to provide you with the best professional equipment, saving you time and ensuring that you are in control at all times. Improvising can have its share of pleasant surprises when it comes to animation, but it has no place in the catering kitchen and the logistical organisation of an event. Being well equipped is often the key to solving many issues and hiring equipment allows you to be equipped as if you were a professional, for the duration of your event.

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