Hire vintage wooden barrels

wooden barrels

® Photographer : Tanguy de Montesson / Agence Oblique

Are you organising a vintage wedding in the middle of a vineyard? A wine tasting event? A fair promoting local products? Or a traditional village carnival?
Why not hire some decorative elements and accessories to create an authentic setting that will instantly immerse your guests in a festive and enjoyable ambience? Not only is it less time-consuming and more economical than going weekly to local car boot sales,
but it also means that you don't have to worry about storage.
Renting can meet all your requirements in terms of decoration and layout, in just a few clicks, you can create stunning settings and decor for your event.

Rent in only 3 steps:

Step 1Select your tableware,
furniture and decoration online.
Step 2Choose the quantity
you need.
Step 3Confirm your order: an adviser
will draw up a quote within 24h.

A vintage wedding in the countryside

A vintage theme is more appealing than ever for couples looking for an authentic and uncomplicated feel to their event. A romantic wedding in the middle of a field or vineyard is inspiring for the future bride and groom, as well as for their guests, and requires a certain amount of preparation in terms of its decoration. Bringing simplicity and authenticity together calls for a touch of imagination to find the very special accessories that will decorate your wedding venue. If you cannot rely on the accessories from the family attic or barn to create the décor and you lack the time and space to find and store the items, Options has a line of original and diverse decorative vintage items and accessories to hire at. Original wooden barrels, chests, carriage wheels, old wheelbarrows, straw bales, ladders and other accessories are available to use as part of the decor, or as furniture for your reception.

Vintage wooden barrels for wine tasting and receptions

Perfect for displaying wine bottles at a wine fair or for a friendly public event featuring local products, our authentic wooden barrels can be used either as decoration or as pieces of furniture. Turned into bar tables or high standing dining tables, guests can either stand or sit on bar stools around the barrels to enjoy the event. In a wine cellar, a paved courtyard or located in the village square, the wooden barrels will immerse your guests in an ambience of days gone by, festive, nostalgic and full of tradition. To enhance the local products, complete the setting with additional items and accessories recalling the work undertaken at vineyards and in the countryside. And to extend the festivities into the night accompanied by the sounds of the local orchestra, there is nothing better than twinkling fairy lights to set-off the decor from times gone by.

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